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02/13/13 PART 2


          The second citizen action that was proposed at this meeting was an action that has failed in the past and will likely fail again. While I voted for this as a FC member and signed the citizens’ petition at the country store; I will vote against it as a citizen at the town meeting. This may sound hypocritical but let me explain. As a FC member I do not vote for myself, I vote for the citizens of Egremont. It is the right of the citizens to have the choice to vote on this issue. If I voted no as a FC member I would be denying the citizens right to choose this action. This is why the BOS should allow this article to be put on the warrant without delay. For the same or similar reasons I signed the petition at the country store. If the BOS or citizens petition places this action on the warrant it preserves the people’s right to choose. The following is the text to the petition and letter to the BOS.



Board of Select

          Town of Egremont

          Egremont Ma. 01258



          Finance Committee

          Town of Egremont

          Egremont Ma. 01258


Mr. Chairman

          The Finance Committee voted 6-0 to request that the Selectboard take whatever actions are necessary to place on the warrant for this year’s annual town meeting, a vote pursuant to chapter 41 section 21 of Mass. General laws to have the selectmen act as water commissioners.

          Time is of the essence, because this action requires 60 days’ advance notice.  The Finance Committee requests that the Selectboard promptly consult with town counsel regarding the steps necessary to accomplish it.

          We understand that citizens are in the process of preparing a petition to accomplish this same action in the event that the Selectboard fails to do so.


Respectfully Submitted



    Kevin M. Zurrin



Now as a citizen I would vote against this action because it wouldn’t change a thing. The water commissioners are unpaid elected officials who are there to keep a check on the water companies operations. In my opinion they are doing a fine job. I would challenge anyone to prove that the commissioners and employees could run the plant more efficiently. Rumors to the contrary are what have created a smokescreen that has divided the town for years and taken the focus off of the real problem which is the accounting practices.

I would argue that the BOS would not do a better job of running the WC because it would just add to the work they have to do already. It will be suggested that the BOS could appoint someone to administer the operations; and that is true. But how is that any different than an elected board of commissioners? It will be argued that the BOS can be directed by the voters at the annual town meeting and would be more responsive to the voters. REALLY! The voters already have the option to direct the commissioners with the same vote; and I’m sure the commissioners would be responsive to the voters if directed.

We the people of Egremont have a problem to solve with the water company. The solution has to be equitable for all of us. We can solve it together with the provisions that are already in place. We have to look at the problem from an objective perspective and take reasonable actions. We the citizens have to take our civic responsibilities seriously and run our town the way a democracy should be run. The more people who participate in the governing; the more the actions reflect the heart and soul of the town. We are after all a community.


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