Wednesday, August 14


Well I guess I’m glad I’m not a betting man because I would have lost that bet for sure. I didn't think Reena would go for a closed session if her life depended on it. However, because she does have character and integrity, in a final attempt to negotiate in good faith, she actually went behind closed doors and gave the BoS a chance to make things right. Of course it was an exercise in futility because this BoS doesn't have the character or integrity to negotiate in good faith. They have proven time and time again that they can’t be trusted. Apparently a hand shake is not good enough here. We all heard the deal that was made on the 8th of July and yet Bruce denies it.
I do see why the BoS wanted to negotiate behind closed doors. If the BoS allowed Mary to make this offer in an open meeting they would have been laughed to scorn. I don’t know how Mary could have made this offer with a straight face. It is said that you know you have mastered the art of false sincerity when you start to believe your own press. Well Mary believes her own press. You should have heard her when she made the final offer to Reena. Her voice became soft and cuddly as she thanked Reena for agreeing to meet behind closed doors. And since she had the floor she wanted to make a proposal. Dripping with that false sincerity Mary said she believed this offer was a beneficial solution for both parties.
I would never have believed that anyone could have made such a ridiculous proposal. And to make it with such contrived passion. Mary you shouldn't be in Egremont; you belong in Hollywood. That performance could have won an academy award. I know that both Reena and her attorney had to pause. Not because they were considering the proposal; but because they couldn't believe Mary had the audacity to make it. Did she actually believe that this offer would be acceptable? She must think she is dealing with total idiots. Or perhaps this was the proverbial Hail Mary pass and she was actually thinking this might work. If I were Reena's attorney I would have fallen off of my chair laughing. I see why Mary wanted a closed hearing; it’s better to look foolish in front of two people, rather than thirty five.
Since everyone is probably wondering let me tell you about this wonderful deal. Mary actually offered to give Reena almost everything the town owed her if she would just go away and not sue the town or any of the officials. This amounts to 75 accumulated sick days which accumulated because she rarely took a sick day, 50 vacation days, 25 of which would not be paid because vacation days can’t accumulate while she was on paid administrative leave and 3 personal days. This adds up to almost 21 weeks which would bring her to the end of the year. I hate to say it Reena but I told you so. I told you that you have to force these people to do their dirty deeds out in the open.
Charlie said he thought Mary was giving Reena a gift. REALLY CHARLIE! A GIFT! If that’s what you consider a gift I would hate to be at your house on Christmas. Then he went on to insult and berate the chief beyond belief. He actually dared her to sue the town. Then as usual he reiterated many times that he was a commander in the Navy. I have a news flash for you Charlie; everyone knows you were a Navy commander, you tell them several times at every BoS meeting. It’s unfortunate that the Navy couldn't teach you to be a gentleman. I don’t know if you were aware of it but you were talking to a lady. Have you no shame?
The bottom line is that the BoS still hasn't dealt with the chief of police issue. Think about this at the special town meeting when these same people ask us to cough up another fifteen thousand dollars because this issue is not yet resolved. We can force them to put an end to it by not funding it. We have the power to stop this insanity; let's end it and get on with the rest of the towns business.



  1. Mary is the fall guy for the other 2 idiots on the board.

  2. She is the one who made the offer. And she said that she did so without consulting with either of them.

  3. you arrogant SoB.You act like you know what went on behind closed doors.Did you tape the meeting illegally

  4. Why such hostility toward the messenger? Your outrage should be directed to those that created this dilemma and continue to offer such absurd solutions. Your anger only shows your embarrassment at how Mary, Charlie and Bruce are behaving. You should be more concerned with their arrogance... greatly concerned!

  5. If I ran my ship like the Egremont BoS, it would sink at the dock!

  6. Close the PD and outsource

  7. Egremont continues to be the laughing stock of Berkshire County, all to the thanks of this horrific selectboard. Do the right thing and vote this continued debacle down and close the PD once and for all. We can do fine with the state just like our neighbors to the north and south. Does anyone remember the town meeting where the nincompoops told us that this mess will be over if we just vote the part-time acting interim chief in for three months? Well, this mess isn't going away and I for one will not vote to fund ANYTHING. I am furious about how this town and these morons are ruining the reputation and security of Egremont. Government officials were ousted for less in the old days.