Sunday, April 13


The new slogan for the CPA is that “this place matters”. I’m sure you've seen the signs out there proudly declaring that the CPA proponents believe that this place matters; and it does. However, while this slogan sounds very altruistic it also highlights one of the major flaws in the CPA philosophy; which is that the people don’t matter. These folks are so caught up in their own ether that they forgot that it’s the people that should matter, not just the place. If the people feel that they matter then they’ll take care of the place; the opposite is not true.
          I recall a comment made at a recent Finance committee meeting. This person was referring to my “friends and neighbors” post in which I suggested that we all chip in and work to help each other rather than tax one another. This person said that it was preposterous to think that in this day and age that friends and neighbors would roll up their sleeves and help their neighbor paint a barn. What was sad is that this comment was made to justify imposing the CPA tax on his friends and neighbors. I believe this person feels this place matters. Unfortunately it seems that he doesn't feel that people matter.
          I may be a little Pollyannaish in my outlook but I honestly believe that we as humans are drawn to work together toward a mutually beneficial end. Otherwise we would still be anarchists doing what is right in our own eyes. The question we have to ask ourselves is do we want to rekindle that neighborly spirit that inspires us to help one another; or do we want to just indiscriminately tax each other for our own personal wants? My personal conviction is that friends and neighbors DO NOT TAX friends and neighbors.


  1. Just another tax...nothing more!

  2. I know! Lets make Egremont a gated community. Seems like we're headed that way anyway!