Tuesday, December 16


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  1. A Hero has emerged in The Town of Egremont. I watched this video in Horror as Eighty-nine year old William H. Weigle Jr. (a Life Long resident and World War II Veteran Pilot ) withstood (with poise and grace) a verbal attack from his towns Elected Board of Selectman (Bruce Truner, Chair Charles B. Flynn Vice Chair Speaking and Mary Brazie). This is unacceptable behavior, again taking our town to a new low. The People of Egremont need to stand up and speak out. This is an Outrage that no self-respective citizens in this town should ignore.

  2. Mr. Flynn speaks of "All the negativity" that Mr. Weigle brings to us? It hurts to watch this video. I have known Mr. Weigle for more than 30 years. He has always been actively involved and engaged in the matters of this town. "Pathetic"? The self righteous attitude and obvious lack of respect for someone who has done so much for so long is, in my opinion, absolutely pathetic. I don't usually respond to this kind of thing, but I couldn't let this one go by. Bill.... Thank you for all you've done.
    -Steve Ide

  3. This is the impression from someone who lives outside of the community that viewed the video....

  4. Charles B. Flynn appears to be a twit, and his silent toadies are twits also. Their slouching posture is like 7th graders in study hall, and Flynn's attempt to take up more space in the room by sitting with his legs wide is a failed body language attempt at dominance. At 89 our WWII Veteran is more to the point and concise than Flynn. Flynn apparently cannot verbalize an answer to the issue brought to light, and resorts to a juvenile personal attack on one of the most highly regarded persons in the United States of America, a Veteran. This would be a Flynn Fail...say that ten times fast!

    1. I hope that continue to read and not only see the original Blogspot.. It's important. Al the out of town era see is things like this and nothing else. Unfortunate but true.

  5. That's just the problem Karen. There is a small group of people that have an issue with others in our town and make them, and our town look like "twits". This video has been chopped and edited and just like the trash media, is showing you what they want and NOTHING else.... What happened before, after and during for that matter? Mr Flynn. is also a Navy Veteran and deserves respect as well. But nothing gets accross like a good headline.

  6. You say I'm being unfair to Charlie by only playing an unflattering portion of BoS meeting. I have to ask you under what circumstance would Charlie be justified in saying what was said about any citizen much less Bill Weigle. I'm offended that you would be more outraged by what I posted than Charlie Flynn's behavior. Maybe you should rethink your priorities.

    A portion of the meeting that I didn't post was Charlie saying to Bill that elections have consequences and the selectmen can do whatever they want; and if Bill wants that right he should go and get elected to the seat. Really Charlie? I'll use your logic. Any citizen, including you and the selectmen, have the right to record the meetings. Anyone has the right to set up a blog and post whatever they want on that blog. So by all means attend the meetings yourself, record what is said, and post whatever portion you wish. But please spare me your hypocritical outrage.

    The fact that you're more outraged by my post than Charlie's behavior tells me a lot about your character; or lack thereof. I simply recorded an event, I did not orchestrate it. Charlie acted the way he did with the full knowledge that he was being recorded; knowing that everything he said or did could be used against him in the court of public opinion. If Charlie wants respect he has to earn it and his behavior doesn't warrant it.

  7. Question my priorities ? How dare you ! You have no idea who I am and what I do ! You feed the outside world what you want and only what you want. I was neither defending Charlie nor choosing sides. Calling me a hypocrite ? Wow really? If you recorded the whole meeting like you so often fight to do. The put it all out there ! This has nothing to do with any one being a Veteran and it should be left alone. You make yourself and the whole town look foolish rather then bettering the town with your actions.
    Mr Weigle does indeed deserve respect and he does get it. But he like a few others in this town simply push too many buttons. My whole point is. Tell the whole story. Telling me or anyone else for that matter to attend a meeting is just silly if you are going to broadcast the one side all over the place. Again. Judge and jury look at both sides. So show them or it is unfair to Everyone...

  8. It broke my heart to hear Mr Flynn talk to Mr. Weigle with such a disrespectful attitude and tone in his voice. It was shameful and an embarrassment to the town. As far as it being "chopped & edited", they say a picture is worth a thousand words, a video captured all I needed to see. The body language displayed, underscored the very nature of that conversation. You mention a small group of people, shame on me, as I was someone who stayed in the background assuming that the people that held these positions in public office were qualified would act in a statesman like manner.

  9. First Anonymous, how could I possibly know who you are or what you do since you chose to remain anonymous. This was not a personal attack against you. I was responding to an anonymous person making a comment on my blog.

    I didn't call you a hypocrite I referred to your outrage as hypocritical. And I don't feed the outside, I have a small number of people that I email to and a local blog that barely gets outside of Egremont. I have always been clear that this blog expresses my unique spin on the subjects I choose to post. If you want the whole 98 minutes of the BoS meeting you can get the entire recording from Mary.

    Now if you prefaced your comments by saying that Charlie Flynn was way out of line, should have been put in check by the other selectmen, and owed Bill a sincere apology you may not have appeared to be defending Charlie and the other selectmen. I guess you don't feel this is the case.

    Flynn did end up offering an apology to Mr. Weigle but he waited until the meeting was adjourned and camera was off. Then he ended his apology by calling Mr. Weigle an ass hole.

    You say that Mr. Weigle deserves respect and in the same breath you demean him by saying he pushes too many buttons. If Mr. Weigle asking the selectmen honest questions as a citizen is pushing the selectmen's buttons; and this is their response, then maybe it is the selectmen who are making the town look foolish.

    You see anonymous, the problem is not that I expose the bad behavior of our town officials, it is the behavior of the town officials that is the problem. I hope you can see that. A persons words and behavior show what type of person they are and I guess no more needs to be said.