Tuesday, March 3


Well the people have spoken, at least the few that decided to brave the weather and come to the special town meeting. There was a very low turnout, less than 100, for such a large bond issue but such is democracy in action. If New Marlborough and Alford go the way of the other three towns the school is going to get a new 8 million dollar roof and heating system. For those of you who stayed at home, don't gripe when this bill is added to your taxes for the next twenty years.

Article 1 passed with one amendment. We have now taken the power to elect our water commissioners out of the hands of the people and ceded it to the selectmen. This article was amended to add the provision that at least one of the commissioners will have to be a water user but the selectmen now get to choose who runs the water company. There was also an attempt to amend the article to make the selectmen act as commissioners rather than appoint them but this amendment failed. So from now on the BoS will be appointing the water commissioners.

Article 2 passed as well. This was the Medical Marijuana Overlay district. This article gives the town the ability to regulate the medical marijuana trade if a state licensed grower or provider wants to locate in Egremont. There was a lot of confusion over this issue because some of the people wanted to ban the industry altogether. The town counsel, Mr. Pollard explained that because the state legalized the use of medical Marijuana that there could not be an all out ban and for that reason it's best to allow the town to regulate it at the local level. We can now rest easy that in the unlikely event that someone wants to set up a shop to grow or distribute marijuana in our town they have to jump through several hoops to do so.


  1. Kevin I am sick to hear this! Can not for the life of me understand why any one would want to chance the very expensive pellet burners than oil or propane? The amount of money our taxes will rise and yes for 20 years is outrageous! I really don't think people really understand until they get their first tax bill what they really have done to themselves! I'm not saying furnaces don't need repair/replacement and of course roof needs to be redone, but for that amount?? I sure as hell hope they know how to clean them because they need to be cleaned a few times a day! You made a very expensive choice people and it's only just begone!! I personally know when I get my tax bill I will cry!! Very sad that people can't figure out what they have done until it is too late!! Very, very sad!!!

  2. On Neighbors they are now talking about the Wired West Bond, on top of the eight million dollar bond for the school repairs. There is no end to what they want us to pay. I am on a fixed income, if we had turned down the School Bond I might have said Yes to Wired West but not now. I need a little wiggle room for the next thing Town Hall can't live without. I was horrified to read Nancy Duvall's thoughts of an 8 Million Dollar Bond debt placed on five aging towns as getting one up on Great Barrington. Whoopee...... how very sad. Thank God the CPA didn't pass.

  3. Whoever this anonymous post is from thumbs up!! We do want Egremont Small and Beautiful anymore! This BOS need to keep up with the Kardasheans!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ so sickening and very, very SAD!!!!!!

  4. Sorry that should say we do not want Egremont Small and Beautiful anymore!!!!