Tuesday, August 11

WiredWest Ironclad Promise

In keeping with their duty of due diligence our selectmen interviewed yet another potential candidate to build out and run "OUR" future wireless network, "Fiber Connect". Like me you have probably never heard of Fiber Connect but in the interest of fairness the BoS has to give every company a fair hearing. Fiber Connect sent their best representative to pitch the town on their plan for "OUR" fiber network.

To sum it up Fiber Connect, a private sector company, wants the town to lend them as much money as is required.to build out their network. In return they will build the network and run it as their private company.

The only difference between Fiber Connect and AXIA, another private company interviewed, is that Fiber Connect wants us to lend them "OUR" money to build their network rather than just give it to them. You may recall in the previous post that AXIA suggested that we fund their company with no chance of any payback to the town.

What both of these plans lack is the town having any ownership interest in "OUR" network. Compare this to Wired West which is a cooperative owned by all participating towns. Take a look at Fiber Connects plan for yourself and you decide if this is the best plan for "OUR" fiber network.

There was a meeting awhile back of the dedicated volunteers who have sheparded WiredWest from its inception to what it has now evolved into.  The most important benefit of choosing Wired West is their ironclad promise so I'll let you listen for yourselves and you decide who would be best to oversee the building out and running of our network.

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  1. Both Otis and Alford have decided to work directly with the Massachusetts Broadband Institute to bring broadband to their towns. They will not be a part of the WiredWest cooperative: