Sunday, March 3


Town Meeting and Election
Just Around the Corner

          The annual town meeting is just 58 days away and the election is only 65. What are you doing to prepare? I’m going to get started by asking the candidates to go on the record and state their positions on various issues.
Last election I was a new resident and just getting my bearings straight, but I did get a chance to ask the BOS candidates about what I considered to be the important issues facing the town. There were some very interesting responses by the candidates. You can learn a lot about people by what they say. I have posted, in the candidates own words, their responses to these questions.
You can find out  a lot about those who are running this town and their plan to tax and spend even more of our money.  If you never got a chance to read it, you can find it posted on I point out this article because most of these issues are still relevant and I plan on asking this year’s candidates these questions and more.
I’m also going to open the Eye On Egremont forum to anyone who has questions and any candidate who may want to post and or comment. This will be an open forum with two rules, #1 RESPECT and #2 MORE RESPECT. The blogspot format has some limitations so if you want your questions to appear as a post rather than a comment I must ask you to email your questions so I can post them and others can read and comment. The comment section as always is open and unmediated as long as the privilege is not abused. Any signs of abuse of the site; and moderation is just one click away.
I hope this year’s town meeting has a better turnout than last year when we allowed a mere 85 people to decide how the town is going to tax and spend the nearly 4 million dollar budget. Remember this is the only chance we get to decide how much we will be taxed and how the town spends our tax dollars. 

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