Tuesday, March 5

Other BOS business

          While the water company seems to be the paramount issue of the day it is far from the only issue. I have been so focused on the water company that I have been ignoring the rest of the issues that are discussed at the various meetings. With the upcoming town meeting and election we need to be informed on all the issues. For my part I hope to be able to post the warrant articles as they come up and any related information. There are a ton of budget items to be considered; and since you’re paying the tab it might be a good idea to know what you are paying for.

          One of the issues lost in the flurry of distractions is that of the Chief of Police being suspended. It appears that it will be a closed investigation, meaning the public will be left out of the loop until it’s over. This is the choice of the chief. Officer Pilone was at the BOS meeting to offer up three proposals from companies vying for the job of investigating the officer’s allegations. Officer Pilone recommended the company he thought would do the best job; this company also had the lowest bid. The BOS voted to approve this contract and by the end of the month we should have a conclusion to this investigation and it will cost less than 10 grand.

          Susan Bachelder representing the Historical Commission gave an ardent speech on the preservation of two of our historical buildings. After completing all the paperwork necessary for applying for the grants she is hoping we can raise the funds to match those grants. You can go to the town website for more detailed information. Next Susan switched hats to the green committee and requested $208.00 from the MRF funds to buy compost buckets which are used to welcome new residents and introduce the Green committee and present all the green options that Egremont has to offer. This concludes the highlights of last nights BOS meeting


  1. Thank you for this posting. I wish I could know what happened to the Chief. She was always kind to me and my family. I don't understand how this can go down without any public information. With the previous Chief it was very public as it should have been.

  2. It is Reena's call and she decided to keep it closed. I have to respect her decision. I believe that keeping the investigation closed door it takes a lot of the ugliness out of the process. If she is cleared of all allegations it will make it easier for her to do her job in the future. As for me I can only say she was always equitable in dealing with me.

  3. There is more on this matter on my blog www.egremont.blogspot.com. Also in today's Berkshire Eagle.