Tuesday, April 2

Black Eye On Egremont


Monday April 2, 2013

          We are now at the rallying point. We had a lot of people out last night to witness the tragedy that happened at Egremont town hall. I want to thank all of you who could make it out, as this told the BoS that we are keeping an eye on them; albeit a black eye. Not that they care. Could the Board of Selectmen have told you any more clearly that they do not care what you the people think? The hubris in this administration is astounding. The disregard toward the people they serve never ceases to amaze me. When are we going to put these people in their place?

Charlie Flynn started out in is usual modus operandi, going into a bullying rage and verbally attacking my attorney. If you thought I was exaggerating about Charlie’s tirades you were a witness to just a hint of Charlie’s temper before the Town counsel reeled him in. It seemed that Charlie had Hans and Franz, the two new police officers, waiting at the door to haul Richard out until he figured out that he was my attorney. Then the discussion turned to who was paying for Richard’s services. I guess with what happened with trying to oust Chief Bucknell they had to wonder if they were opening up the town to yet another law suit.

Then we were treated to a repartee of legal speak with the two attorneys’ going at it. This went on for several minutes until the town’s attorney was reduced to monosyllablism. Apparently the youngster realized that he was way out of his league. All this was to no avail because the fix was in. Mary was so confident in the outcome she didn’t even bother to vote. She used the excuse that she had to recuse herself because she was a party. Does anyone really believe that conflict of interest matters to Mary?

Charlie actually tried to take credit for solving the water company billing problem and if you believe him then it only took him 15 years to solve it. Great job Charlie! I guess we would have to elect you for five more terms to solve the next problem. After Charlie made this ridiculous claim a voice from the crowd challenged his absurd notion. Well Charlie, I guess you can’t fool some of the people even some of the time. If you really knew that this was the problem then why did you allow the taxpayers to get robbed for so long? If you are going to take credit for someone else’s work Charlie, at least make it believable. Please don’t insult the intelligence of your friends and neighbors.

I won’t go into the merits of the case because frankly there were no merits; so let’s just get to the vote. Much to the disgust of the crowd Charlie called for vote long before anyone thought he made his case. There were boo’s, hisses and shouts of railroading. I too thought the merits were weak at best. The claim was that my comments opened the town to a lawsuit. If the BoS was so worried about a law suit then they would not have set up this kangaroo court. And they certainly would never have allowed the Chief to be deposed by these newly hired cops. I would have thought that Richard Allen telling them I could have grounds to sue the town would give them pause. No, this BoS is not worried about any law suit; The taxpayer can afford to pay for their indiscretions.

Michael Banzierz seemed eager to vote me off as he felt that my words reflected poorly on him. At least that was his rational. I think when he saw Charlie tear into me, at a past Finance Committee meeting, for over 30 minutes, he was traumatized. Charlie does have that effect on people. Perhaps that’s why so many people melt in his wrath. It was a tough vote for Tom Gage. It seemed to really burden him. However, in the end he too voted to remove. Mary, as I said, recused herself and in all fairness she would probably have been asked to do so anyway. Jon Beattie voted an emphatic NO. I guess he was the only one on the panel who understood that it was a free speech issue. Although he did not care for the content of my speech he respected my right to speak freely. Charlie, the accuser, jury and judge of this fiasco was quick to vote for removal, no surprise. Then the crowd went wild.

I went into this “hearing” thinking that I have a 50/50 shot of getting kicked off of the committee. I wanted to have it public so the people could see what type of government they are subject to. Now there can be little doubt that this Board of Selectmen will destroy anyone or anything to exercise their will; rather than the will of the citizens as expressed at the annual town meeting. This of course is my not so humble opinion, yours may differ from mine and that is ok; but don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot express it. Is there any doubt that we all need to get out to the next annual town meeting?



  1. Charlie Flynn and Mary Brazie covered themselves in horse dung last night.

    They showed their arrogance and distain for all of us citizens by not allowing any of us to speak.

    Both the BOS and the Water Commissioners have sat on the EWC deficits for at least the past 4 years and done nothing to address them. Nor did they apparently even exercise any control over the people were issuing and collecting the EWC bills. They have both dismally failed to carry out their mandate from the citizens: to ensure that the EWC users pay the bill.

    All in all, our so called Town "leaders" are an abject disgrace. If they had a slight bit of decency, they would all resign right now. We citizens deserve much better.

  2. It gets worse. At the selectmen's meeting that followed Kevin's hearing, Bruce Turner agreed that the town needs a policy on what town officials can say publicly. My immediate thought was that Venezuela is looking for a successor to Chavez, and perhaps Bruce should volunteer. He's apparently unaware of the Constitution.

    And Charlie Flynn intimated that the failure to ferret out the water department's problems fell on - get ready for it - Laura Allen as the longstanding chairman of the finance committee!

    When I noted that the town bylaws placed a duty on the finance committee to investigate the cost of maintenance of town departments but not town revenues, Mary Brazie tried to put the blame on the finance committee by referring to the following bylaw provision, which empowers the finance committee to summon information "for such examination considered by it necessary to the proper discharge of its duties." Apparently she can't distinguish between a duty and a power.

    Of course all the criticism on this blog and mine - as well as the public outrage - will have no positive effect on the entrenched denizens at town hall, who will continue to get deeper and deeper into the bunker and treat anyone who disagrees with them as enemies of the people. Egremont has a government of some of the people, by some of the people and for some of the people. To hell with everyone else.

    There's more on my blog at http://egremont.blogspot.com.

  3. I have felt for some time that Mary Brazie has used various positions for self gain/ fulfillment and that she does not represent the best interest of the town. The statement she made years ago about needing to raise taxes because low taxes makes the town look rich and limits the grants she can write for never made sense. She insists on holding multiple controling positions that many of us feel have serious conflict of interest and after these recent events, it is time for a town vote of No Confidence and show Mary the door. She has done well from where she started to where she is now. I think she would do fine in the private sector. If anyone agrees and knows how to set it rolling, I would be very supportive.

  4. Thank you Kevin for speaking your mind and helping to open our eyes to what is going on in this town. I was thrilled today when I heard you decided to run for select board. You've got my vote and from the voices I heard last night you will get many votes and have a great chance of winning. Someone like Charlie Flynn has no place in a position of power. He had a small handful of friends that were there that have their little meetings on a regular basis but otherwise the room was all for you. Maybe if you win he will blow another gasket and resign like he has done in the past. Or maybe he'll lose it again like he did at the annual town meeting a couple years ago. I thought he was going to pop a blood vessel in his head.

  5. Actually I have not decided to run for Selectman. I don't know who would have started this rumor. Perhaps my campaign manager. Only kidding. I have been approached but I have not decided.

  6. There are many people who dont usually speak up that are sick and tired of this crap with the selectmen. If you did run you would garner a lot of support. All these anonymous comments are by anonymous voters. Many of my friends have given up on voting because it has been a choice of the best of two evils. You running would make it a choice between good and evil. PLEASE RUN

  7. We certainly need to get rid of both Charlie Flynn and Mary Brazie. They're both part of the problem and have no interest in solving it. Charlie is as much of a dictator as was the fellow he followed as Selectman. We need leaders who are able to solve problems, not lazy, arrogant politicians who are only there to help themselves. It's time for Charlie and Mary to be put out to pasture.

    My suggestion on a replacement: Laura Allen. But I wish she'd shown a lot more spine on the EWC mess. Laura needs to learn to stand up and be counted.

  8. That pathetic excuse for a purported hearing was pre ordained-It was a mockery of a hoax of a sham of a hoax cloaked in a tissue of lies-OK enough Woody Allen (no relation to Richard or Laura)- As a non resident of Egremont who attended this farce I was appalled at the makeup of the committee, only slightly more fair and balanced than fox news, and the controlled obvious outcome and pig headed lack of common sense or decency-The chair of the event was unfit to attend much less conduct and gave new definition to power trip and ultimate control-No wonder the town is known as Angremont

  9. Mr. Zurrin, do yourself a favor and don't run. If you really feel strongly about removing Charlie from office, then I suggest you put a candidate up against him that has a shot to win. Just because you have 9 or so non-conformist Zurrin minions that seem to support your "cause", please don't delude yourself into thinking you can actually win a selectman's race. You have very little if any respect from the people in this town who matter. And with every passing day, the little boy who blogs wolf loses more and more credability. Just go away and let our town escape your smothering misguided opinions that you feel compelled to share with the world. Nobody cares Kevin, about you or the hot air you spew on the internet....

    1. Reminds me of the Bible Story where Jesus took the Little Boys five loaves of bread and two fish.