Thursday, April 4

The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

          Well it was my first finance committee meeting as a common citizen. It was pretty much the same except that I had to force myself not to chant yea when the committee voiced a vote. Chairman Turner was there, perhaps to make sure I didn’t get out of line, as I’m sure he expected me to show up. Many things were discussed but the most interesting by far were the six new tasers for the new police department. Why Egremont needs six new tasers is a question that needs to and will be explored in a future article. However, the manner in which these tasers are being purchased is far more important to discuss right now. We were all warned that when the Board of Selectmen illegally removed a finance committee member it would weaken the finance committee. Well those chickens are already coming home to roost.

          I, speaking as a concerned citizen, asked Laura if the finance committee had any oversight of the account used to purchase the new tasers for the new police department. I believe she thought the finance committee did have oversight, but much to our surprise they do not. I thought the Finance Committee had oversight of all of the town’s expenditures; apparently not. The BoS are more confident in their power over the town since they took the legs out from under the Finance Committee. This simple act of removing an outspoken Finance Committee member gave the BoS all the confidence they needed to take control. Now they feel that they can do anything they want and the Finance committee will just step in line. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Chairman Turner wasted no time exerting his newly usurped authority. When Laura was explaining why she thought the Finance committee did have oversight of the account Chairman Turner cut her off in mid sentence and said the Finance Committee had absolutely no say in any matter regarding this account. Basically it’s a done deal. We are getting the tasers whether anyone likes it or not. Chairman Turner said the BoS would graciously allow the Finance committee to look at the purchase; but they have no say in the matter. It sounds to me like Chairman Turner is saying that the Finance committee is just a rubber stamp for the BoS. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost.

However, all is not lost. While the BoS are getting intoxicated with their newly usurped power they fail to recognize one thing; we the people have the power to stop them in their tracks. You see my friends; because there are so few active citizens to answer to, the BoS have forgotten that the people have control. The people have to remind the  BoS that they serve at the pleasure of the citizens of Egremont. The April 1st trial brought out many people. These people were witnesses to the fact that the BoS do not care what they think. These people are waking up and smelling the coffee. These people are WE THE PEOPLE AND THE CHICKENS ARE ABOUT TO COME HOME TO ROOST.



  1. Having attended the illegal removal of Mr. Zurrin from the finance committee, this whole situation has become even more of a fiasco. Removing someone for exercising their right to free speech, ridiculous. This is not Russia, last time I checked....wake up citizens !!

  2. May be at the town meeting we should change the name of Egremont to Marysville or Floyd Cental or even Turner Cross Roads since no one else matters except to pay the bills.