Thursday, May 16

EPD At its best

The election is over and now we have to get back to business. Since Egremont Neighbors is buzzing with questions about police action I have to go into this subject. I have now confirmed this rumor from several independent sources including one of the Egremont police officers. I now have to ask if anyone else has heard about this new revelation. It is my understanding that this occurred either in the last week of April or the first week of May. Why is it that the citizens are left in the dark about things that happen in the Egremont Police Department? Aren’t things going well with this new police dept? Perhaps Hans and Franz don’t really care anymore now that they have been demoted to common patrol officers. Before I give you the comment I do have to ask you, whether you love her or hate her:-?

This is the comment on the article Farewell to the chief,
"Interesting how things evolve. Rumor has it that two officers were just suspended for breaking into the evidence room. While Officer Pilone may want to keep it quiet, will the new Interim Chief make it public? These two were part of the insurrection. Why are they not fired? Is it kept under wraps because of the election? Charlie, where is your indignation now?"
read the other comment: Anyone can request the daily logs and or the incident reports if they are interested. The dates, according to my information is the week of 04/28/13 through 05/04/13. If you are interested in finding the facts you can request the documents from the police dept.  




  1. So this is what we have since February when Officer Pilone was made Officer in Charge. Two incomplete or inept investigations that we know of, two officers quietly suspended (who are on probation and can easily be removed by the Selectboard), a ridiculous request for appropriations that was denied, reduced patrols, new officers that were recommended by Pilone and rejected by the Selectboard, and whatever else is hidden from us. Well done Officer Pilone, all in your first three months!

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  3. I haven't met him so I don't know of his character, but clearly he is not qualified to be a Chief or Acting Chief.

  4. Reena was not a "working chief". In the 15 years that she served, I never once saw her pulling a shift. When will we see the infamous "Egremont 200" list?

  5. You’ll notice I removed another comment. An anonymous contributor made an inappropriate comment about one of our EPD officers. All I ask is that people, especially anonymous subscribers, keep the tone respectful and civil. If you want a chance to keep a comment like that on the board just put your name to it and I'll consider it. I may occasionally refer to them as Hans and Franz but that's just being playful. The comment I removed was disrespectful and mean spirited. You can make a comment about a person’s actions; but don't call people names. As the blogs only administrator I have to decide what is inappropriate and I decided that this comment falls into that category.

  6. This town (and police department) has gone to hell in a hand basket. The only thing I don't agree with is this public lynching of Pilone. From what I know, all he did was try to professionalize and modernize the joke of the police department he was chosen to lead. For that he is scrutinized and admonished? I did a Google search on him and found a decorated and seasoned police officer and sergeant from south Florida. I think he is a better candidate to lead than a career patrol officer from Stockbridge who has no leadership or investigative experience or a failed gym teacher/patrol officer from Lenox who spent more time injured than on patrol.

    It is painfully obvious that this is a personal attack and not based on merit. Anyone who attacks this guy without knowing him and asking a few simple questions is an imbecile. Anyone who believes everything you read on the internet (this blog specifically) deserves to live in this ridiculous town. I'm outta here...

  7. The only thing I can agree on is your first sentence. I see no public lynching of Officer Pilone, only a reaction to his actions. He has made his own bed. He is not being judged on his performance in Florida, but in Egremont.

    He arrogantly assumed the position of Acting Chief when he was actually appointed Officer in Charge, and there is a big difference betweeen the two. In his own words, "I was appointed officer in charge with all of the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the Chief of Police. I have been referred to as Chief, Acting Chief, Interim Chief, Officer, Patrolman, Officer In Charge, etc. It is a matter of semantics at this point." It is not a matter of semantics, at all!

    He led an insurrection after being on the job for less than three months and had not even completed the requirements to be an officer... and was (and is) still on probation!

    He orchestrated the uprising with Charlie Flynn and Mary Brazie that led to an improper meeting and decision.

    The officers he is supposed to be in "charge" of are now suspended for improper actions.

    Shall I go on? These are not personal attacks, but allegations based on merit (or lack of merit). And made by people who like this town and don't think of it as ridiculous.

  8. Like I said...ridiculous.

    You apparently have an axe to grind and have no idea what's going on. I see so many holes in your theories that I'm not even sure a small-minded "townie" like you can comprehend realistic thought. Have you ever talked to the guy? Do you know him? If the answers to these questions is "no", I suggest you destroy your computer and get a life.

  9. Why such anger? Do I need to speak with Officer Pilone to know of his shortcomings? I have no axe to grind or theories. My facts are based on his actions, which is a valid way to judge.

    But the discriminatory way you refer to me as a townie is disturbing. Shame on you for being so divisive just because we have different points of view.

    If you are so disdainful of townies it begs the question, why do you live here?
    Anyway, let's return to the point... the EPD is in disarray and leaves many of us feeling less safe and troubled, and requires more qualified leadership than has recently been provided (for the reasons stated above).

  10. No Reena, we don't miss you. Good riddance!

  11. It's almost a comedy show, but it's really just a comic tragedy! We now find out that Officer Pilone and Officer Carlson have been locked out of the police station. It appears the lock combinations have been changed to prevent their entrance. They haven't appeared for work Monday or tuesday, as well! There is a Selectmen's meeting scheduled for Wednesday, apparently to discuss them. Let's see, since Chief Bucknell was improperly placed on Administrative leave, two officers have been suspended for brreaking into the evidenced room and two others are now locked out of the Police Station. These are the people charging Chief Bucknell with improper conduct? Why are these issues being kept quiet by the Selectboard? Why aren't these officers being let go since they are still on probation and can be immediately dismissed? without question