Wednesday, May 15

Thank you Egremont

First I want to thank everyone who voted yesterday. Regardless of who you supported, you came out and participated in the democratic process. I want to especially thank those of you who voted for me. You are the people who recognized that our town needs a change and tried to change it. It is truly humbling to find that there were so many who would have placed their trust in me and I thank you. Now we must go on with the town’s business with those who were chosen. The following were the results of Tuesdays election.

Selectman:  Turner 195           Zurrin         67

Water Commissioner 1: Palmucci 162        Allen 102

Water Commissioner 2: Agar 202              Zurrin 2

Moderator: Thomas Gage 134                   James Lamme 133

The rest were unopposed and won handily.

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