Sunday, May 12

Law and Procedure

          The question has been asked by enough people that I need to address it as a regular post rather than through emails. This is the gist of the question.  I have a question for you, is it your intention to try to re-instate Ms Bucknell if you are voted in as a selectman?” This is my answer.
          Thank you for your interest in our town affairs. This system only works because people like you and I care enough to get involved.  As to your question; is it my intention to reinstate the chief? To answer yes I would; or no I would not reinstate the chief would be presumptuous on my part since I don’t know all the facts of the case. I can however answer as to my intention.
My intention is to give a fair hearing of the facts. If the facts show that Chief Bucknell deserves to be dismissed then I have no problem dismissing her. By the same token, I have no problem reinstating her if the facts show that she has done nothing worthy of dismissal. At this point the only people privy to these facts is the selectmen and town counsel. I’ve read as much as you have and can only get a partial picture. I know the chief has stated that she wants a public hearing and that is her right. We live in a society based on law and procedure.
          Now let’s talk about how this present Board of Selectmen deals with law and procedure. This group created a new procedure just to remove me from the finance committee because I went public with public information. In this ex post facto act the selectmen opened the town to several law suits; according to my attorney. These same people did absolutely nothing to remove a town employee who lost over $200,000.00 of our tax revenue. I’ve witnessed too much hubris and hypocrisy from these people; so forgive me if I don’t trust the word of the selectmen.
I decided to run against Mr. Turner because I feel that the people of Egremont need a selectman who is concerned for the town and its people. I do not get the feeling that Mr. Turner is concerned for either. The question we have to address on Tuesday is do we really want to reinstate this selectman.


  1. For a lively discussion of this issue, including the transcript of the meeting at which the selectboard ousted Ms. Bucknell, go to

  2. Kevin,
    You have as much chance of getting elected as a Selectman as Reena has of becoming the Chief again. You are both delusional and should live a happy life together. Richard, you are welcome to join them as well. All you (and this blog) accomplish is spreading misinformation and lies to the people who don't know any better. Shame on all of you.

  3. Here's the thing, Kevin. You say you discovered the ongoing billing problems with the water department. That's great and you could have been a real town hero. But instead of handling it with any sense of professional decorum, you made it as unpleasant and unnecessarily drama-filled as possible. This isn't what I'm looking for in selectmen (or fellow citizens for that matter).

  4. Well I can see why some people want to remain anonymous. Perhaps it is better that some authors are unknown.

  5. Well said Kevin. Keep on the high road!