Sunday, July 21


I've been trying to be as nice as I possibly can to these three louts who have been running our town into the ground. These three don’t even pretend to serve the best interest of the town anymore. Charlie is on a vendetta against a single person and doesn't care what or who he destroys in the process, least of all our town. Somehow he has pulled the other selectmen into his folly and they’ll likely go down with his ship. The wake of absolute destruction left in the path of Charlie’s wrath can compare with the likes of hurricane Sandy. Ask Officer Pilone whose career was bruised pretty badly over this incident. I feel bad for the guy; he trusted Charlie and got shafted in the process and has the tee shirt to prove it.

Speaking of Officer Pilone I’m going to muse about what I think happened with this whole police fiasco. Bear in mind that on my part this is mostly conjecture. I think Officer Pilone wanted to get out of big city police work to settle into a small town and become a small town police chief. He stated as much. Then when he got here he became a little disillusioned because the small town life was a little too quaint for him. He was a little frustrated with the pace and wanted to make some changes so he suggested these changes to his boss the chief. She knew these changes didn't quite fit for this town and rejected these ideas. Men being men he didn't like his ideas being rejected; especially by a woman.
After awhile officer Pilone became so disenchanted with the state of affairs that he had to vent. In the chain of command his only option was to speak to the personal director, Bill Tighe. Bill, being firmly under the thumb of hurricane Charlie immediately called Charlie. Bill probably said something like Jeremy; tell Charlie what you just told me. After hearing the complaint Charlie might have said; you know Jeremy, I've been looking for some ammunition to use against the chief so we could get rid of her. You keep me informed on what she is doing and if we can build a case against her you could be the next chief of police. Charlie then might have suggested that Jeremy try to turn the rest of the officers against her and he would have his back.
Turning the rank and file against chief Bucknell wouldn't be hard since there was much grumbling in the ranks. Jeremy, thinking he had the backing of Charlie and the BoS, might have said some negative things about the Chief to stir up dissent. The more the officers talked together the more heated things got and it culminated in a vote of no confidence. Once the vote of no confidence was cast the BoS had cause to relieve the chief of her duties and investigate the charges. So they locked the chief out of the station took her gun and badge and went through the files with a fine tooth comb.
Wanting to at least appear impartial the BoS hired an outside firm to investigate this matter. I’m sure Charlie figured that this firm would find something in the fifteen years that Chief Bucknell was chief that he could use to dismiss her. I guess he was wrong. While the report did show that there were things that could have been done better, things that might have even warranted a reprimand; it showed nothing worthy of dismissal. The BoS showed the report to the town counsel the Attorney General and the District Attorney; they found nothing illegal or worthy of dismissal.
This police debacle, which was supposed to be settled in two weeks, is now in its sixth month with no end in sight. We thought it was settled on July 8th but Charlie just couldn't let it go. Rather than swallow his pride, which admittedly is a rather large bite to swallow, he convinced the other selectmen to create a gauntlet so brutal that no one could possibly make it to the end. I don’t know what Charlie has over the other selectmen but he seems to have total control over the agenda. Whatever Charlie says, however absurd, is going to happen. It’s like the Charlie Flynn marionette extravaganza. If the officials charged with running the towns affairs can’t do the right thing we have to get rid of them and put people who can do the job in their place.
Be advised that tomorrow The Egremont Board of Selectmen will meet on July 22, 2013 at 7 pm at the North Egremont Fire Station. They’re holding it at the fire station because it is expected to be well attended. I’m asking that as many as can to show up. This is going to be a turning point in regard to the town policies. We have to show up in full force to let the town officials know that we are not going to allow them to ruin our town.


  1. Officer Pilone?? He is gone. End of story. Get over it! As far a Rena is concerned. Leave her alone. Let her retire at the end of the year.

  2. I agree, let Reena come back and retire with dignity. Maybe you can relay that message to Charlie and the other louts. Pilone is gone but its not the end of the story I heard he might try to sue and even get a settlement.

  3. Amen to that ,let her retire as she wants to,no need to get her back for 3 or 4 months to have her destroy what police dept.that we have left.She should have been let go years ago for using town vehicles for private use as there are documented incidents where she has taken them to teach at BCC,also to Boston to upgrade her teaching education ,which would have been ok if she used it to educate our police officers,but alas she didn't.Shame on the previous boards of selectmen for letting her get away with it.When she went to court for Bruce Cunmsky ,that alone should have been imedeate dismissal.But wait a minute Kevin where were you when Mr.Cumsky had our town turned upside down and you all defended him when he was trying to ruin our town now you criticize because it is not to your liking,shame on you for not letting the present board do thier job as "we" elected them to do.You are not the only residents in town,I for one think that this board has done a good job. Granted some of the things they do are not to my liking,but we would be in alot of trouble if they did some of the things as wanted in Kevin's and just a few others dream world.I truly hope we have a good turn out in support of the select board.See you Monday night

  4. The above writer is confused by the facts. Chief Bucknell never went to court "for" me. Chief Bucknell was under subpoena, by me, to testify at my civil trial and had no choice but to appear. As to your subjective opinion that I was trying to ruin the town, you are again quite confused by the facts. When you listen to fools you then begin to speak foolishly.

    As to the shame you put on past Selectboards, you must surely be aware that Bruce Turner and Mary Brazie were on the board for half the time Chief Bucknell was on the job, with Charlie Flynn being on the board that hired her and approved her working at Bcc, as well. Where is the shame and contempt for them? Tsk, tsk... you're living in a glass house.

  5. Mr. Crumsky your recollection of Egremont history is flawed. The Selectboard that hired Bucknell was Charlie S. Dave C. and Chuck O. But then again this blog is noted for its misinformation why change now? Don't expect this to stay up for long as it does not appear that dissenting opinions are entertained here unless penned by Mr. Zurrin or his friends.

  6. Tom, I may be wrong... I was quoting Charlie Flynn.

  7. Mr. Anonymous: for the TRUE history lesson please note it was C. Simo, C.Flynn, and M. Harrigan. Your facts and spelling are flawed.

  8. The only possible solution is to DUMP THE FUCKERS and start fresh...

    How long are we going to watch our taxes increase to pay for the petty assholes' vendettas, posturing, wannabe big shot assinine decisions that are screwing us all...

    Proposition: Limit terms of Selectpersons to one-year.

    Every year the town will vote on whether to keep each in office for another year, pending review of their "work," or nominate a write-in candidate on the same "ballot."

    A write-in candidate who gets more "votes" than a current selectperson will replace that person for the coming year.

  9. Flynn is a lout. No doubt about that. Whether the other 2 are also depends on whether they stand up to him. I've seen Turner do that. Mary has no balls. No joke!!

    I hope they act responsibly tonight and restore Reena to our force. It's time to do something positive.

  10. Mr Anonymus
    What a coward you are! I dare you to say that into the peoples faces. You won't because of those dreadful "consequences". If you truly believe what you are saying you must be willing to bear the consequences, that is what a decent human being would do. And most of all , most of you, take a dictionary and look up the word "RESPECT".You will be surprised!
    Tom Sierau
    66 Boice Road