Saturday, July 13


I got a call from a man the other day that was truly humbling. He wanted to thank me for what I was doing in creating and maintaining the EoE blog. He went on to name several others who have been instrumental in informing the town of what the BoS has been up to. He had a lot of good things to say about all, but he failed to mention one name.
The one person he didn’t mention was probably the most active over the decades in keeping the town informed. Long before computers and the internet this man was using the media of the time and any other means to get the word out. If he felt the town leaders were on the wrong track he shouted it from the rooftops in an effort to get them back on track.
The one person he didn’t mention has probably done more for the town of Egremont than any other single person. This man saved the town countless tax dollars by finding vital equipment at little to no cost. He got many of the local people to volunteer their time, energy, equipment and sometimes even money to provide essential services for the town.
The person he didn’t mention is a man I look to for strength when I feel the whole town is against me because I wrote something that no one wanted to hear. He is no stranger to the ire of the people. The truth is not always accepted with appreciation and the person delivering that truth is often met with resentment and ridicule. He encouraged me because he knew what I was feeling as he had experienced it firsthand.
The person he didn’t mention will probably never get a citizen of the year award and isn’t even bothered by that fact. This person doesn’t do what he does for approbation he does it because it’s the right thing to do. And by the way, the person he failed to mention was himself, so I'll mention him. We all know him as Bill Weigle. So next time you see Bill around town think about what Mr. Weigle has done for us and just say thanks.


  1. Bravo Kevin! Bill Weigle has been working for, and fighting in many cases for, a better Egremont. Yes, he's met resistance, generally from those that are set in their ways, resist change, or believe "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rather than "maybe we can make it better." Bill has worked tirelessly for the town, even when an angry Selectboard wouldn't even listen to reason or logic (I wonder how that feels). But he's a bulldog and we're better off because of that.

    When I was on the Selectboard I created the "Egremont Service Award" to thank those citizens who helped make our community better. When I became chair I recommended that Bill receive the award and proudly presented it to him. Richard Burdsall, a fair minded man, shared in the recommendation.

    So, through the years Bill has shown a true, passionate spirit for our community and deserves recognition for all of his efforts. I am proud to call him a friend. Thanks Bill.

  2. Bill's intelligence and willingness to do the research and work necessary to do a job right is to be commended. His fortitude to push ahead is amazing. I talk about him often. His actions at the meetings I have attended a number of years ago have left a lasting positive impression on me that will never be forgotten. Some might say that a man like Bill should be cloned!

  3. I, too, agree with this. Bill has acted for years in the best interest of the Town.

    The BOS might consider recognizing this, also.

  4. It's wonderful to know there are others out there in the trenches fighting the martinets and piranhas who dominate Egremont government!

    A majority of our "representatives" seem to thrive on making residents' lives more difficult, frustrating, and in many cases, painful, instead of helping make things better as they were selected to do.

    If you have suffered at the hands of "our town," pls chime in with personal accounts, anonymous or not, as evidence of the serious harm these people have wreaked.

  5. Anon
    We can't solve anything by rehashing all the wrongs done by our town officials. You might be surprised to find that I was opposed to the 25k water company audit. I think the figures that were gathered by the FC were sufficient to establish that we have a problem. Regardless of what is uncovered we will never recover the monies that were lost. As long as we learn from what has happened it will be a step in the right direction. What the town needs to do is take control of their officials. These guys have only done what they thought they could get away with. They're more like unruly children. We need to define their boundaries and keep them within those parameters. While I won't edit anyone for airing their gripe; I don't think it will do any good. We the people have the power.