Friday, July 19

The police fiasco is back with a vengeance

I was going to write up something about the Thursday morning BoS meeting but an anonymous citizen beat me to it. I haven’t really listened to the whole recording of this meeting yet so I’ll sit back and allow someone else speak. It’s good to see that other people are paying attention and speaking out on the issues that affect the town. This was a comment posted on the previous blog article. I feel it deserves to be a regular post so others can read and comment.
Even though the BoS couldn't find a real reason to dismiss the Chief or further impugn her reputation, it doesn't keep Charlie Flynn and his big mouth from trying! It seems Charlie doesn't want the Chief back no matter what Bruce and Mary think (Bruce is having a hard time reigning Charlie in since Charlie sits on the school board and can get to him through there). On Thursday, Charlie laid out a series of demands so lengthy and absurd it would be impossible for Chief Bucknell to do her job. It appears that the police officers said they would not work with her (was it all of them or just the ones that were fired and then rehired, or Carlsen, who should have been fired). Since when do the employees make demands like that? It would be like the teachers saying who they think should be the Superintendant, not the School Committee. How would you handle that Charlie? It seems Charlie doesn't want the Chief to be alone, but have at least one babysitter with her at all times; she wouldn't be allowed to use the computer and Interim Acting Chief Shaw would remain on the payroll. Is Charlie out of his mind or is it an illness he can recover from? Either way, it is time for a recall petition! He has no idea how to govern, is confused as to the roles of the employees, and is a threat to the town in many ways. The people that voted for him should be embarrassed by his behavior and decision-making

Although I couldn't attend the meeting there was another concerned citizen with a recording device so there are a lot of people who know exactly what happened. I think I may request the BoS version to compare. Call me paranoid but with this BoS we must hold fast to the trust but verify policy. The last time I requested a month’s worth of recordings from Mary she told me they had only one meeting that was recorded. I have to wonder if she’s blowing smoke up my chimney. When I digest the entire recording I’ll have much more to say. 


  1. Simple solution! Disband the police dept altogether. Let the state police handle law enforcement in egremont.

    1. I totally agree with this! Why does a town of 1000 peace-loving citizens need a police force with cruisers and the like. The state police could handle Egremont just fine.

    2. Best solution possible!!

  2. to the issue of the young patrolmen not wanting to work with the chief...If these people cannot sit down like mature adults and work out solutions or make an effort to communicate in the work place, then they do not have the maturity or intelligence to take on the serious responsibility of being police officers. They should not be walking around with the "power of the badge" and big guns when they in effect are small men.

  3. Laura Allen - The BOS has placed innumerable roadblocks to Chief Bucknell's being able to return to do her job. Plainly they do not want her back and are doing everything they can to ensure that she fails. That would further their agenda - get rid of the chief at any cost. I am so appalled that the BOS would not negotiate in good faith even as that seemed to be the aim per the 7/8 BOS meeting. I keep hoping that they will act responsibily and accountably - acting as the leaders of Egremont and am disappointed time after time. The next "hearing" to discuss the terms and conditions of the Chief's return is Monday at 7:00PM at the North Egremont Fire House. I urge all those who support the Chief and those who wish to see her dismissed to attend. I believe that the BOS is not acting in good faith although it would appear from 7/8 that they intended to do so. What happened?

  4. The BoS continues to show they cannot be trusted. The officers are employees of the town and their bosses are the BoS. The weakness, lack of trust, ineffectiveness in governing and complete lack of reality that the BoS shows each week is astounding. They each should be recalled.

  5. I don't know what the process would need to be put in place but two things need to happen. First, all three of Selectmen need to be removed by lack of confidence ( sound familiar) and secondly, we need to dissolve the police force, use the state and hope they may want to rent our building. Enough is enough.

  6. The BoS is going to say that there is no way to remove a selectman from office. I dont think there was a way to remove a finance committee member; but a finance committee member was still removed. The BoS made up their own rules and removed the guy. What the town needs to do is make up their own rules and remove the BoS. There should always be a way to get rid of bad elected official. I dont think we will have a problem getting a vote of no confidence for the BoS. Lets do a special election to remove and replace them.

  7. Wow!! There really are some sensible people in Egremont. It's nice to know.

    Charlie Flynn is nuts. And unreasonable. It was a mistake to ever elect him and the Town will be well rid of him when his teerm expires.

    Mary Brazie is just a step behind Charlie in being a disgrace to all of us. It's time for Mary to clear out.

    I share the sentiments of many that Egremont wouldd do very well with no police force at all. Other small towns do very well without one. Why can't we?

    If we're going to have a police force, then the officers have to accept and obey the Chief. If thedy can't do that, then they should be replaced.

  8. So, is it finally enough? Are you really ready to do something? It's easy to write in a blog, but actually doing something, taking the time and energy to really do something is another matter. We are facing a very apathetic public with a minority of voices speaking against the injustices of this Selectboard. So I ask again, are you ready to do something?

    The most probably successful approach would be to have the citizens call for a special town meeting to address the issues and put forth a set of bylaws. Of course they should be few and to the point. They should go to a way of recalling a Selectman with a required number of signatures, as a first step. But the problem always seems that many voices leads to many agendas and then nothing gets done. To give you a primer on town rules I suggest you go to:

    I will post a few items that are important:

    Who calls special Town Meetings?

    Generally, the selectmen call special Town Meetings.

    May voters call a special Town Meeting?

    Yes, voters may call a special Town Meeting. Two hundred registered voters or 20% of the total number of registered voters, whichever is less in number, may request a special Town Meeting. The special Town Meeting must be held no later than 45 days after the Board of Selectmen receive the request.

    What’s the procedure for voters calling a special Town Meeting?

    The requisite number of voters must sign a written request for a special Town Meeting. The format of the written request is flexible. Voters should include their addresses after their signatures.

    Voters deliver the written request to the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen must then call a special meeting within 45 days.

    May a special Town Meeting be called for more than one reason?

    Yes, a special Town Meeting may be called for more than one reason. For example, a special Town Meeting could be called to consider amending the zoning code and buying a new fire truck.

    So it takes 200 or 20% of the number of registered voters to begin action. It is alweasy recommended to get an additional 10% to cover those names that are disallowed by the Town Clerk.

    This is actually the easy part. The hard part is coming to agreement on the reason for the meeting and the bylaws or actions requested.

    So let's start by hearing from the readers of this blog to see if there is real interest that will be backed by real action.